Design oddities from another universe.

Man. Whose job is it to come up with this shit? Here is what this dialog box says to me:

Hey, sorry. Because the software we wrote for you is riddled with security holes, we have to turn your computer off at random... in the night. Like ninjas. Or vampires. Or ninja-vampires who come in the night to destroy your data and then tie you down to your bed and tickle your feet until you scream. And then suck all the blood out of you through... your nipples. Yeah. And maybe then we'll throw salt on your bloody nipples just for good measure, even though you're already dead. Because we hate you. A lot.

Well, I'm starting to hate you too, Microsoft. My current project requires that I use a Windows laptop on a daily basis. I've grown quite accustomed to Ubuntu and OS X over the past few years. As much as I'll harp about the fact that Apple's computer platform blows Windows out of the water when it comes to "how much proprietary do ya gots?" -- at least it works. Windows XP is the new OS/2: it's cute, it worked once, but now we need to convince our co-workers it's time to move on.

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Mike said...

Dang! But at least OS/2 treated me like I knew stuff. It let me run my BBS like a mofo. And I mean that in a good way.