Old Ladys Dont Take Shit

Geoff: is it wrong to take a shit and smoke?
Geoff: i am not currently shitting
steven: Thank Christ.
steven: And YES.
steven: There is an elegance to smoking that is completely obliterated by doing so while you shit.
Geoff: old people do it
steven: No, they don't.
steven: At least... not old women.
steven: And the women are the ones you want to emulate.
Geoff: i dont know about that
steven: Do not google for "smoking and shitting".

Further investigation did not reveal the cartoonish image I was groping for. But Google's robots displayed another interesting slice governing the Cube's perception of the English language.

What would "making a shit" consist of? Eating or digesting? Wait, I have an idea. Why don't I do something productive for a change? Bye.

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