Pat derides South Indian "spicy" food.

In case you don't read Pat's blog (you should) or don't believe him (you rarely should), he speaks the truth. The two spiciest meals I've eaten in the past year, inclusive of 3 months in Maharashtra, were North Indian Kati Rolls in Manhattan and curry from ever-delicious Spice Hut in Calgary. Andree, if you're reading this, I recommend you check it out. And if you review it, disregard the "East Indian Food" signage. Manzar, the purveyor, is Pakistani.

South Indian food is rarely hot-spicy, frequently flavour-spicy. But it's always delicious. Vegetarian food in the US is just as bland as I remember it, leaving me anxious to get back to Pune and chow down on a bucket of methi daal at Aangan. Yum.

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