Tightpinkproduct: The Mouse.

The mouse for a tightpinkproduct need not look particularly cool. The ovular characteristics of the Mighty Mouse are visually appealing, but an ergonomic nightmare. I own one. I use it. I'm still undecided.

Frankly, a $15 Microsoft IntelliMouse is still the most comfortable mouse I've ever owned, even if it's ugly as sin.

But we are not talking about shapes today, my friend. No, not in the slightest. We're talking about cable! Yes, cable. Specifically, why don't wireless mouses have cables? Because they are wireless, you say? Ah, yes. But wireless devices need electricity, and that electricity comes from batteries and those batteries run out. What then? You switch batteries or...
This! Notice that little hole in the front? That's a mini-USB port. Although this mouse (RadTech BT600) is -- in all other respects -- probably the worst mouse ever built*, that one little feature earns it a place in my heart. Why the Hell don't all bluetooth mice have a mini-USB port on the front? I've been asking this question for years -- long before the BT600 ever graced my sight. It angers me to no end that mouse manufacturers haven't figured this one out yet.

Mark my words: The mouse you buy with a tightpinkproduct will have a hole.


* By "worst mouse ever built," I actually mean it doesn't function as a mouse. When held, it feels as though you are gripping a turd. This uncomfortable sensation makes it difficult to focus while you're using it.

Oh, and it doesn't click. That might be an issue for some people.

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