Pair Painting

An idea which I've been meaning to try: Take pair programming. Remove programming. Add painting. Stir. Chill. Serve in 8 - 12 hours.

All the new co-workers I meet lately have this idea forced upon them. "How would it work?" "Who controls what?" "What does the navigator do?" "How does the team decide on direction?" This barrage of questions usually flusters and irritates those unlucky enough to engage in conversation with me.


Chris Hagan, one of our ThoughtWorks University attendees, didn't just answer my questions -- he blew them out of the water. Apparently he's pair painted before (under a different name, of course) and it works beautifully. As he described it, painting is iterative. One starts with a chalked outline, going over it in broad strokes and refining as the image comes to life. He had a bunch of other great points, but my mind dropped them so you'll have to discuss it with him yourself.

This is why I don't read. People have always thought of my ideas before I have a chance to tell the world how great they are.

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