Oh me, oh my. A new country? No! A new continent.

I've bumbled my way to Pune, India. I'm arriving 7 months late, thanks to my previous project in New York and a brief stopover in London.

Folks, so far the experience has been nothing like my previous trip to India. No less special, but I've spent more time working and less time partying. The lack of severe illness is also a marked difference. The office is large and beautiful -- easily the most attractive ThoughtWorks office I've worked in yet. And that beautiful office is filled with beautiful people; the ThoughtWorkers here have gone out of their way to make my visit a comfortable one -- taking me out for dinner, getting me settled, showing me around, advising me on food, and providing health and wellness tips. I can't thank them enough.

Despite their best efforts, there are a few things my coworkers cannot make comfortable. Illness, however tame, is one of those things. I almost made it a full week when my first bout of discomfort hit. My first weekend in Pune was spent in the office reading blogs through squinted eyes and maintaining a safe running distance from the washroom.

I'm the picture of health once again, however, so never fear! A 2-day battle with some small bug was a cinch after last year's nightmare which lasted nearly 2 months.

I took some pictures of my last "Beer and Pizza Monday" in Calgary and the ThoughtWorks Pune office. Check them out! I'll update once I buy a motorcycle. Or when I take more pictures, whichever comes first.


PS: If you need an obligatory cow picture or a description of auto rickshaws, go read Sarnacke's blog. I would never write about anything so passé.

Lotus Notes 7 on Linux

While I was struggling to install Lotus Notes on Ubuntu Feisty today, Ketan pointed me to his fantastic HOWTO. I've made some additional notes at the bottom in the comments.

Thanks Ketan!