This makes me happy.

First brought to my attention during a RubyConf lightning talk, Andre Lewis' hotspotr is simply a fountain of joy. Tell a friend.

Ah, coworkers.

Jason said today. Easily the best blog on the internet.


Elizabeth writes about the need for typing speed while pairing, providing some good hints. I'd add:
  • If you practice on IM or MUDs, type properly. "do u no hwen the doors oprn tonight?" is doing little for your typing skill, even if you type it quickly without looking down.
  • Use different keyboards. Work on an ergonomic keyboard. Work on a klunky old IBM keyboard. Work on a Mac. Work on a PC. Work on a laptop. Work on a desktop. You'll have to sooner or later, so you might as well get comfortable in every context you can.
  • If you write Python, Ruby, or any other smushy soft comfy language, consider Dvorak. Two weeks of home row happiness and right-hand pinkie underscores, and you'll love me forever. *
  • My brother always recommends 3D Pong for mouse coordination.
  • As handy as mice are, keyboard shortcuts are handier. Pairing with Eric Liu will make you a believer.
The tightpinkproduct will not have labels on keys.

* If most of the code you produce contains squiggles and half-wink-smilies, stick with QWERTY. (Or learn QWERTY if you're already one of the few C-style Dvorakists.) Carpel Tunnel loves a caffeinated Dvorak.

It's here.

Gabe introduces Juxtapojam'd.

ThoughtWorks Studios introduces Mingle.

We're getting closer to the tightpinkproduct.

Do you care about Linux? Of course not. But here are some videos anyway.


It's coming.