Global Musings.

I'm concerned about my career.

Three years ago I would have told you that I could never see myself employed in one place for more than a couple of years. Last year I would have told you I'd leave IT before I turned 26.

These days I'm not too sure about either. ThoughtWorks has employed me for the last 14 months and each step of the way I try hard to imagine working somewhere else. I can't. The people I've met, the work I've done, and the things I've experienced compare to no other company I've worked for or started -- and there's a few. But just when I'm in the mood to tally the company's shortcomings, emails like this find their way to my inbox:

Trevor is our CEO. "Global Musings" encompass his window into the company over the past few weeks. In larger companies I've worked for, email from the top is the kind of trivia that pushes me to drink. Instead, the emails I get from Trevor or Roy always put a smile on my face. If you'd like to know why, drop me a note. Include your CV, if you like.

Let's see how the next 14 months go. I might be here a very long time.

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