I moved out of my apartment last month and ran into the inescapable trouble of debootstrapping (no). The last step to moving out is cleaning, but to clean requires supplies and time. Time spent anywhere requires facilities. Facilities require supplies. Using facilities makes room, causing one to require food. Making room and eating food both create filth when all you're trying to do is clean! Argh!

Because of all this trouble, I've come up with this handy list:
  • 2 boxes - one for cleaning supplies, one for the inevitable leftover items
  • 6 rolls of paper towel. Trust me.
  • many garbage bags
  • vacuum
  • Windex
  • Mr. Clean
  • CLR
  • Toilet Duck
  • 2 rolls of toilet paper
  • bottled water
  • carry-along food (pitas work well)
  • small stereo
This is all you need. Clean the toilet and sinks first, even though you'll dirty them while cleaning. They deserve to be cleaned twice anyway.

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